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Panel Discussion “How to Achieve Gender-Balanced Leadership”

Panel Discussion “How to Achieve Gender-Balanced Leadership”

With Adrienne Hand, Brown ’83 (father Roland S. Homet, m.c.l Harvard ’54 and c.l. HLS ’61; clerked with Felix Frankfurter and published books and essays.) and John P. Keyser, Georgetown ’59, co-authors of the book, “Make Way for Women: Men and Women Leading Together Improve Culture and Profits”; and Lulu Gonella, Colgate, ’84 and GWU ’91, Executive Coach and Consultant.

In Make Way for Women, author Adrienne Hand share how women’s leadership skills are adding significant value and balance to the leadership of our companies. The authors interviewed 45 respected male and female business leaders who show how women improve organizational culture and open up thinking – thus improving financial results. The research, case studies, and anecdotes in the book clearly show how capturing the combined strengths of men and women in executive leadership inspires culture, retains talent and drives profit.

This panel will address how women’s and men’s leadership skills differ in important ways and how they complement one another; how women can best position themselves to advance; and how men can and should be part of the solution to the current gender imbalance in business leadership. Adrienne Hand will be joined by Executive Coach Lulu Gonella, formerly of Ernst & Young, who consults with high-performing women and men in the DC area.

Adrienne Hand, Brown ’83, is an essayist, editor and thinking partner who co-authors books and articles for publication. She was formerly marketing manager at Dartmouth College’s Hood Museum of Art; and is currently working with John Keyser on a series of leadership books. Adrienne is also editor at The Antiquities Coalition in Washington, DC. She is a strong advocate of gender parity in U.S. business leadership by 2025.

Lulu Gonella is founder of LWG Consulting, an executive coaching firm. Prior to opening her practice, she was in talent development and OD at Big Four public accounting firms for two decades. She was part of pilot program at Ernst & Young where high potential women and minorities were identified and given intentional assistance in advancing their careers. This program and others went on to establish E&Y as one of the premier firms for women.


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